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17th January 2020 - Groningen

The Sound of Young Holland XII, KULT

with Slow Worries, Global Charmin, Torii

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5th February 2020 - Ljubljina

Ment Festival

with Black Country, New Road, Blu Samu, Body Says No and more

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22th February 2020 - Leiden

Peel Slowly and See Festival

with Shortparis, Personal Trainer, Lena Hessels and more

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7th March 2020 - Katwijk

De Schuit


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7th December 2019 - Nijmegen

Upon the My-oh-My, Doornroosje

with Altın Gün, Fat White Family, Scalping and more

5th October 2019 - Willemstad

Popmonument: Willemstad

with Kieff, Iguana Death Cult and more

7th September 2019 - Voorhout

Katzwijm Bier Festival

with SOON, Apneu, Lo/Now and more

6th September 2019 - Utrecht

Check 1-2-3, EKKO

with Tessel and Niko

5th September 2019 - Eindhoven


with Dead Kittens

31th August 2019 - Amsterdam

Binnenpretfeest #35, OCCII

with Zdrada Palki, Bagdaddy and more

30th August 2019 - Rotterdam

King Sepi Festival, Roodkapje

with Run SOFA, Forbidden Wizards and more  

28th July 2019 - Groningen

Vera Downstage

24th May 2019 - Rotterdam


support for Housewives [UK]

18th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Schokoladen, Berlin

with Gelbart [DE] 

17th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Chmury, Warsaw

with Hanako [PL] & DaysDaysDays [PL] 

16th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Klub Pod Minoga, Poznan

with Hanako [PL] & Bez [PL]

15th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

D.K. Luksus, Wroclaw

with Hanako [PL] & AveCeasar [PL]

14th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Gramafon, Wolow

with Hanako [PL] 

12th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

AU, Vienna

with Land of OOO [AU]

11th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt, München

with Troubadix Rache [DE]

10th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

Slow Club, Freiburg

with G.rag/zelig Implosion Deluxxe [DE]

9th May 2019 - Springroll Tour

t’ Keldertje, Maastricht

4th April 2019 - Amsterdam


with The Ills [SK] & Slow Worries [NL] 

15th March 2019 - Amsterdam


Fine China Superbone [NL] release party

5th February 2019 - Rotterdam


with Pill [US]

17th January 2019 - Groningen


The Sound of Young Holland XI 

30th December 2018 - Rotterdam

The Big Blowout, Rotown

with TAPE TOY, Price and more

17th November 2018

V11, Rotterdam

with Black Box Red [NL]

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