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Neighbours Burning Neighbours is a post-punk band from Rotterdam, featuring Alicia Breton Ferrer (from the Sweet Release of Death) on guitar and vocals, Aram Scheeve (from AC Berkheimer) on drums and Daanie van den IJssel and Bart Kalkman (both ex-Cusack) on guitar/vocals and bass guitar respectively.

Steady contributors to the Rotterdam music-scene and the noise/shoegaze genre, they gravitated towards each other early 2018.

From these four different perspectives comes an unapologetic sound filled with unexpected structures and dynamics - with vocals that shoot back and forth vigorously and arrangements that effortlessly switch between melancholic post-punk and threatening noise rock.

Neighbours Burning Neighbours throws itself into a distorted, sultry mix of sounds, that twists and turns and is as explosive as it is harmonious.


"Neighbours Burning Neighbours are your new favourite post-punk band" - Loud Woman

"Rich, earthy crunch, crowned with clean, colourful petals of Telecaster" - Gigwise

"Think Siouxie Sioux in full flight over a thunderous, tight onslaught of tribal percussion and angular guitars" - The Analouge Trash

"This is The Ex‘s heritage at its best!" - Last Day Deaf

"Razor sharp guitar riffs, driving bass lines, pounding and aggressive rhythms" - Destroy//Exist

"Their collectively pulsing nature and dual vocals create a unique cocktail of noise, post-punk and krautrock" - RoodWoof

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